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Sunday, March 12, 2017

EPA hat

It’s difficult to imagine a more destructive choice for the health of Americans, the avoidance of dangerous climate change, and the health of the American economy than Scott Pruitt as head of EPA. Mr. Pruitt’s denial of the basic science behind climate change makes him as unfit for the office of EPA administrator as an astrologer would be for head of NASA.
-- Dr. Jeff Masters, Weather Underground

the Kingdom

Effective from 30 December, 2016, the Investigatory Powers Act(IPA), more commonly known as the “Snoopers’ Charter,” has been in full force and this means the end of privacy for those living in the United Kingdom.  Now the British state has  realised a totalitarian-style surveillance apparatus which is arguably the most intrusive system found within any democracy throughout history. Today the British state has the power to arbitrarily monitor, intercept, record, and even hack the communications and Internet use of the entire population. 
-- Julian Vigo