Neil Young


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

party on!

The Netherlands has a lot of political parties on the ballot, which is solid-gold guaranteed party action. The Netherlands does it differently for sure. They allow anybody to run for parliament (a membership to a political party is required), with almost no rules to start a political party. The parliament has only 150 seats yet 81 parties intended to be part of the general elections in 2017. Only 31 parties registered for the elections and 28 parties made it to the ballot.

By comparison, the 2 party system in the United States is generally B-O-R-I-N-G; the only saving grace to our 2016 election was the 'Trump and the Clown Posse' show.

One of the 28 parties on the ballot is the Niet Stemmers (not Voters) party. If elected, the party will simply leave its seats vacant. ‘No longer will their votes go to other parties; from now on the non-voters will get their own seats’.

What a great country!