the road to hell
Chris Rea


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

the fire next time

....we continue to send urban sprawl into our fire-dependent ecosystems with the expectation that firefighters will risk their lives to defend each new McMansion, and an insurance system that spreads costs across all homeowners will promptly replace whatever is lost.
This is the deadly conceit behind mainstream environmental politics in California: you say fire, I say climate change, and we both ignore the financial and real-estate juggernaut that drives the suburbanisation of our increasingly inflammable wildlands. Land use patterns in California have long been insane but, with negligible opposition, they reproduce themselves like a flesh-eating virus.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

dumbed down to death

“Down with intelligence! Long live death!”
-- José Millán Astray, Spanish General under Franco

If I now feel compelled to evoke the words Millán Astray used eighty-one years ago in Salamanca, it is because they have gained a bizarre relevance in today’s America. The resurgence of nationalism in our time has not yet reached the homicidal extremes it did when Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco misruled their lands, but the United States still faces an assault on rational discourse, scientific knowledge, and objective truth. And this war on intelligence, too, despite the edulcorated pieties that come from those who carry it out, will lead to many deaths.

-- Ariel Dorfman


Monday, October 16, 2017

Stage Four Breakdown- pornography, gun violence and social death

"The society and its institutions are no longer comprehensible and are increasingly out of control. Social consensus and a shared sense of social purpose have all but vanished. … Leaders govern virtually without support. The regulatory apparatus … [is] unable to cope with the overwhelming complexity, the loss of social legitimacy. … The situation has become intolerable and untenable. The need for fundamental change is inescapable.”

-- Duane Elgin

A trip to my local grocery store reveals a magazine rack with dozens of covers showing beautiful models selling a lifestyle that requires what the advertisers manufacture and market. Also on the rack are a half-dozen very slick magazines selling gun culture. There’s no other way to describe it; you never see a critical or analytic article. The photography is eye-catching and slick, the models manly and masculine — except for the hotties holding machine guns, a much loved image. There’s a strong focus on the latest versions of the now classic AR-15. The “look” of these magazines can be described only as gun porn. Instead of luscious, naked women spread across a centerfold, the usual cultural understanding of “pornography,” in these magazines its images of lethal weapons that trigger the erotic charge.

-- John Grant


Saturday, October 14, 2017

psycho killer

please rise!

It’s as if a moral and cultural bomb has been detonated now that this guy tweets and says things not allowed in school. I have youth in my ‘behavior room’ saying stuff right from the president’s mouth. These words and statements we do not allow children to say in school. Racist and sexist and anti-disabilities things, we don’t tolerate but the president is spouting off these horrendous statements. I’ve already got my hands full with young people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities that put them in the behavioral and defiance categories. With Trump, my caseload of high school youth spouting off hate and racist comments is skyrocketing. 
– social worker/counselor at a very big high school near Portland, Oregon

a very fine line

But I’m telling you, that I know it’s a very fine line, and lots of crazy luck, that divided my path from Paddock’s
-- Greg Palast, journalist and film maker

Friday, October 13, 2017

southern brain

The human brain can hold 10 times more memories than previously believed, according to a new study. The key to its amazing ability lies in synapses, the neural connections responsible for storing memories. Researchers from the Salk Institute found that each synapse can hold about 4.7 bits of information. This means that the human brain has a capacity of one petabyte, or 1,000,000,000,000,000 bytes. This is equivalent to approximately 20 million four-drawer filing cabinets filled with text.

Or, in the case of Bubba and Jerlene's brain capacity at the NASCAR track, the equivalent to every NASCAR driver that ever drove- their car number, color, sponsor decals, engine specs, tire specs; their number of wins/losses, lifetime standings, wrecks/with fire, wrecks/fatal; their pit crews/pit crew wives/who is sleeping with whom; their marriages/divorces/kids; their personality/media ranking/how many times they slept with the media; their bitter enemies/number of fight/deaths; their clothing/hat style; their preferred brand of chew; a detailed and comprehensive knowledge of NASCAR rules and regulations; detailed and comprehensive knowledge of every NASCAR track/parking lot/infield/location of all food and beer venues nationwide.......

man, I can feel my brain expanding right now
-- db desgnr

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

what war?

The greatest contribution Vietnam is making-right or wrong is beside the point-is that it is developing an ability in the United States to fight a limited war, to go to war without the necessity of arousing the public ire.

-- Robert McNamara

Consider, if you will, these two indisputable facts.  First, the United States is today more or less permanently engaged in hostilities in not one faraway place, but at least seven.  Second, the vast majority of the American people could not care less.

Like traffic jams or robocalls, war has fallen into the category of things that Americans may not welcome, but have learned to live with.  In twenty-first-century America, war is not that big a deal.

Yes, we set down our beers long enough to applaud those in uniform and boo those who decline to participate in mandatory rituals of patriotism.  What we don’t do is demand anything remotely approximating actual accountability.

-- Andrew Bacevich


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

American shooter

Las Vegas, the crass and sterile US landscape on stilts and steroids, retails in empty sensation. Dominion of night where coruscating lights have scoured away the stars. Perpetual, meretricious come-ons. City of towering, shlock temples wherein what the US holds sacred is worshipped: legal larceny, the deification of empty sensation, and the transubstantiation of everything it touches, flesh and material, into fodder for exploitation. Kitsch über Alles. A 24/7 neon pentecost of mammon. 
A wilderness of the collective mind howling with hungry ghosts. Vengeful spirits…inundate the air of the US cult of death. The imprecatory prayers of millions of slaughtered Indians ride the western winds and are funnelled into the void of vapidity that is Las Vegas. 
A man, eaten hollow by alienation, his soul rancid with displaced rage, stands on a hotel balcony. The heft of his firearm is the only thing that feels tangible in his hollowness and amid the weightless sheen of the architecture of the city below. 
The life of an Iraqi, Libyan, Yemenian, Syrian, Palestinian et al. translates into nothing in the US American system of value. “The only thing those people understand is brutality. When we rain down death….that is the fate they demand.” 
The shooter’s mind roils. He acts as he has been conditioned to act. Now, he has achieved the power and control he has been denied. He is a military empire of one. His birthright as a US American has been fulfilled. God bless the USA. 
-- Phil Rockstroh

Start at 7:00 mark

Monday, October 9, 2017

the psychopathic economist man, the economist James Buchanan, helped the super-rich to seize control of our system of government.

The assumption that we can keep societies open and free to everybody is going to have to stop. We are going to have to recognize that some people simply are not qualified and do not want to belong to a civil order. Until we begin to make discrimination along those lines, then I think we are going to be extremely vulnerable.

-- James M. Buchanan

Most people are normal people, in the same way as I was a normal person fifteen years ago. They have no idea about the depth of cynicism and downright evil to which their trusted leaders will sink in order to further enrich themselves (for they are invariably rich already), and/or seize more power. Most normal people like to sneer at their politicians and say they do not trust them, but the fact is that mostly they do – that’s why they keep on voting in a basically rigged electoral system. For all their bluster and affected contempt, they have no real inkling of just how depraved our political system is, nor how monstrous the people who control it.

-- John Andrews


Sunday, October 8, 2017

so long Tom

I gots the late-capitalist blues again

You can see why Trump raced to paint Stephen Paddock as a whack-job. Like the billionaire thrill-killer Robert Durst, Paddock was someone Trump could relate to: he was a millionaire, a landlord, a habitué of casinos, and a man who enjoyed the company of foreign-born women. Trump would rather not confront one of the most pressing questions of the Vegas massacre: what happens when the one-percenters snap and go full-auto on crowds of middle class white people? Somewhere along the line Paddock had done a Colonel Kurtz in the American outback, holing up in a planned retirement community in the Nevada desert, adjacent to Bunkerville, the Masada of the gun-obsessed property rights fanatics. Will Carl Ichan be the next one to crack?

Perhaps Stephen Paddock is, in fact, a kind of new normal in late-capitalist America, where once anonymous men harboring long simmering fantasies of white-male impotence burst out of their quiet cul-de-sacs to settle their grievances with bump-stocked military-style assault weapons.

 - - - Jeffrey St. Clair


Friday, October 6, 2017

American Psychos

It started at the end of the fifteenth century. A cohort of brutal, sociopathic Europeans, fresh from the torture rooms of the Spanish Inquisition, and later from duty in the religious wars, arrived on American shores to kick butt. By 1610, they and their successors, by steel sword, axe, knife, and pike, biological pathogens and very occasionally by blunderbuss, had killed fifty million largely stone-age indigenous people.  In the northern temperate zone of this vast continent, some of those mass murderers became the founding patients of the Psych Ward; others followed, less blood thirsty perhaps, but they too quickly adopted the deadly imperial ethos established by those first conquerors. This is the institution in which we Americans now find ourselves immured.

-- John Davis


Thursday, October 5, 2017

Red Green

Hive of Empire

“Believe!” is the mantra.  To do otherwise: blasphemy, betrayal, unthinkable.  A worker bee’s allegiance must be pledged to the Hive.  Mindlessly and in good faith we toil, oblivious to our own slavery.  Unaware that we’re nothing but resources to be harvested at the whim of the Banking Queen and her Wall Street/Government Drones.  We stand in unison, teary-eyed-proud when The Star Spangled Banner is sung; ignoring the glorification of rockets and bombs, deaf to the third stanza, which cheers the slaughter of runaway slaves during The War of 1812.  Dutifully we cast our sham-election votes.  Left duopoly/right duopoly; death or death, destruction or destruction, war or war, impervious in our sad, sorry, electro-lobotomized ignorance.  Heedless of the abrupt cliff at the end of the road.  Faces buried in our new iPhone 8s; happily texting, tweeting, mimicking the latest mindless chatter, necks bent over on 90 degree angles, spellcheck, google maps, Facebook, iTunes.  Unconcerned with other worker bees around us, for they are equally insulated from their surroundings.  Electro-lobotomized, exemplary and exceptional worker bees.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Straight to Hell

they want you dead

These despicable slugs of what magnificent Twain called “America’s only native criminal class” are the chancred alley whores who have sold themselves and their function to the one blackbag operation that out-evils even the Israel Lobby: the NRA and its associated gangsters.
 -- Paul Edwards


Sunday, October 1, 2017

white stripes

just Google it

Like the media barons of old, who alone could afford the economies of scale necessary to distribute newspapers through delivery trucks and corner shops, Google and Facebook are the monopolistic distribution platforms for new and social media. They have enormous power to decide what you will see and read, and they will use that power in their interests – not yours.

-- Jonathan Cook


Saturday, September 30, 2017

Spain at 185 km/hr

Google has removed the "On Votar 1-Oct" Catalan referendum app tweeted out by Catalan First Minister Carles Puigdemont to his followers on September 23 after being ordered to do so by the High Court in Catalonia.

Friday, September 29, 2017

flagged down

Why do Americans pledge allegiance to the “flag,” as opposed to the nation or its government? It boils down to capitalist greed. The origins of the Pledge date to 1892, when James B. Upham, the marketing executive of the popular children’s magazine The Youth’s Companion used the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ arrival in the Americas to promote a conference in honor of the American flag. He pushed the Pledge in his magazine as a way to promote nationalism and sell flags to public schools. Schoolhouses purchased 26,000 flags the first year alone.
Kids reciting the pledge were supposed to raise their arms at the same time — yep, the Hitler “sieg heil” salute before Hitler. World War II put an end to that in American schools.
-- Ted Rall

a view from Norway

Buffalo is like much of the U.S. today. Unemployment is acute, as is poverty. Certain stats jump out at you, like 76% of disabled people live below the Poverty line in western New York state. Numbers mean nothing in unemployment, though, because the long term unemployed are simply not counted. All you have to do is walk around. There is an overriding sense of futility in American society, today. And one feels it in a visceral manner when returning here. The looks, the suspicion, the anger. Maybe it is because I live in Norway, but the sense of anger in America feels overwhelming. But so does the sense of smug entitlement.

    -- John Steppling


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

you go girl!

take a knee

Who among those kneeling today in solidarity with Kaepernick are willing to pay a price? What’s the NFL’s price?  The Tycoons who own the teams?  Who among them agrees with a man who gave his life for black liberation, Dr. Martin Luther King, who made it emphatically clear that the fight against racism involved opposing a trinity of devils when he said:
We must recognize that we can’t solve our problem now until there is a radical redistribution of economic and political power… this means a revolution of values and other things. We must see now that the evils of racism, economic exploitation and militarism are all tied together… you can’t really get rid of one without getting rid of the others… the whole structure of American life must be changed. America is a hypocritical nation and [we] must put [our] own house in order.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

ed. note

Here at GeezerNation- although we are admittedly news whores and don’t care if you confuse us with the evil presstitute- our purpose is to disseminate the propaganda that you need.

We like it, and we are sure you will like it.

-- dbdesgnr, ed.

Monday, September 25, 2017

starve them

The WSJ editors think that depriving people of enough food to stay alive is humane....

Withholding food aid to bring down a government would normally be unethical, but North Korea is an exceptional case. Past aid proved to be a mistake as it perpetuated one of the most evil regimes in history. The U.N. says some 40% of the population is undernourished, even as the Kims continue to spend huge sums on weapons. Ending the North Korean state as quickly as possible is the most humane course.”
(“Options for Removing Kim Jong In”, Wall Street Journal)

Against Me, again

it's all coming back to me now

Christy Rodgers

Run to the trees
Trees will be burning
Run to the sea
Sea will be boiling
All on that day


Sunday, September 24, 2017

the downward spiral

"We will continue on our present course, and . . the probability of one or another proposed disasters....will rapidly increase until some small event triggers the apocalypse of the consumer society."

-- Eugene Linden


Saturday, September 23, 2017

the time for satire has (not) passed

I won’t describe it further.  If you saw it, you know.  If you didn’t, you can imagine it.  You know—Donald Trump.  But this was acid-trip Trump, Trump as flat-out Jack D. Ripper, co-starring the entire rest of the planet Earth as the hapless Group Captain Mandrake......

-- john eskow  


Friday, September 22, 2017

holy wars

No one dies for their country. Misled citizens die for their governments.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

the time for satire has passed

“It is the very nature of imperialism to turn humans into beasts.”
    -- Che Guevara

The time for equivocation and satire where Donald Trump is concerned has passed. Indeed if the current US President’s address to the 72nd UN General Assembly in New York confirms anything, it is that satire must now give way to a sober and serious appreciation of the clear and present danger his administration poses to the world.
-- John Wight


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Artificial Insanity

Perhaps you haven’t noticed the investor class getting all gung-ho these days over Artificial Intelligence (AI). Only a couple of decades ago, these same people dismissed AI because it wasn’t very useful yet. But that’s all changed due to advances in machine vision and learning, and now VCs, hedge funds, and most of the rest of the usual big-money suspects are salivating over prospects of automating most of the rest of the economy, even including agriculture.

AI-zombifying humanity

Monday, September 18, 2017


Equifax was....hired a year ago, on a $10 million contract, to “help the SSA manage risk and mitigate fraud for the mySocialSecurity system, a personalized portal for customers to access some of SSA’s services such as the online statement.”
"The Social Security Administration’s partnership with Equifax raises serious questions about the security of Americans’ most sensitive information, and they owe the American people answers immediately. We need to know whether Social Security data is vulnerable to cybercriminals, and I intend to find out exactly what’s being done to ensure every single American is protected."
-- Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, ranking minority member, Senate Finance Committee’s subcommittee on Social Security and pensions

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Trans-Korean Railway

In sharp contrast to the Trump administration and the Beltway’s bellicose rhetoric, what “RC” (Russia-China) proposes are essentially 5+1 talks (North Korea, China, Russia, Japan and South Korea, plus the US) on neutral territory, as confirmed by Russian diplomats. In Vladivostok, Putin went out of his way to defuse military hysteria and warn that stepping beyond sanctions would be an “invitation to the graveyard.” Instead, he proposed business deals.
Largely unreported by Western corporate media, what happened in Vladivostok is really ground-breaking. Moscow and Seoul agreed on a trilateral trade platform, crucially involving Pyongyang, to ultimately invest in connectivity between the whole Korean peninsula and the Russian Far East.
-- Pepe Escobar

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Skynet- death from above

From stratosphere to exosphere, the Pentagon is now producing an armada of fantastical new aerospace weapons worthy of Buck Rogers.
By 2025, the United States will likely deploy advanced aerospace and cyberwarfare to envelop the planet in a robotic matrix theoretically capable of blinding entire armies or atomizing an individual insurgent......the Pentagon apparently hopes to patrol the entire planet ceaselessly via a triple-canopy aerospace shield that would reach from sky to space and be secured by an armada of drones with lethal missiles and Argus-eyed sensors, monitored through an electronic matrix and controlled by robotic systems. 
-- Alfred W. McCoy

Houston and beyond

The liberal response to all of this is to demand that Trump make a public act of contrition by acknowledging the existence of climate change in some primetime speech. How quaint. I don’t care what Trump believes or what he says. What difference could it possibly make at this point? Climate change is a fact. The sea levels are rising. The polar ice caps are melting. The forests of the West are burning. The Colorado River is dwindling. The snowpack in the Rockies, Sierras and Cascade Mountains is shrinking. Bird migration patterns are changing. Coral Reefs are bleaching out. Salmon and grizzlies are being driven toward extinction. All of this is happening whether Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt believe it or not. And there’s little they could do to change the dynamic, even if they were willing to try.

-- Jeffrey St. Clair


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

the Master Race

“All men of sane and wholesome thought must dismiss with impatient contempt the plea that these continents should be reserved for the use of scattered savage tribes, whose life was but a few degrees less meaningless, squalid, and ferocious than that of the wild beasts with whom they held joint ownership” 
-- Teddy Roosevelt

“They’re trying to take away our culture. They’re trying to take away our history” 
-- Donald Trump


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

sometimes you gotta cut it out

Make no mistake about this. Fascism is a tumor. You don’t negotiate or appease a tumor. You cut the fucking thing out, and in this case antifa is one of society’s scalpels.  

-- Miguel A. Cruz-Díaz


Sunday, September 3, 2017

Nazis in the woodwork

Charlottesville Nazis to the rescue! How much simpler could it possibly get? Corporatocracy? What corporatocracy? We got goddamned Nazis coming out of the woodwork! Racist Nazis! Confederate Nazis! Nazi apologists! Nazi sympathizers! This is no time to worry about who’s actually wielding political power, or how they’re manufacturing hysteria and otherwise manipulating people (not you, of course … other people). No, what we need to do now is censor the Internet, and other venues for Nazi hate speech, and round up all these racist Nazis and subject them to anti-Nazi therapy, or anti-racist empathy programs, or just gang up on them and beat them senseless.

-- c. j. hopkins


Friday, September 1, 2017

criminal justice

If people could hold the same open-mindedness and sympathy (aka “benefit of the doubt”) for real-life criminals that they hold for The Blues Brothers, we’d be in a much better place in our country in regard to incarceration. Rehabilitation-centered prisons within Nordic cultures have shown to result in reduced recidivism, to the extent of some prisons literally having to close down due to lack of inmates. This all stems from the notion that prisoners are people too, and they can be taught how to be responsible working citizens when they re-enter society. We, on the other hand, consistently hold high rates of incarceration and recidivism, and our culture continues to treat all who have broken the law as though they are too rotten to ever be employed, healed, or rehabilitated. Many American legislators want to clean the streets of all these people, even intentionally making criminals out of good people through the drug war, so that they may continue the wage slavery that is modern prison labor within our largely-privatized system. Due to this societal dehumanization, the term “criminal justice” has become kind of a cruel joke in America.

-- Ezra Kronfeld

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

shot planet

The global elites have been busy making plans, ahead of the emerging reality that the habitable portions of the planet will no longer be big enough for everyone, for the protection of its most privileged people and places. This has not gone entirely unnoticed. Many folks understand that they have been abandoned by these predatory, solipsistic cadres who have no intention of sharing the world and its remaining wealth with them. The populist reaction to this abandonment is a retreat behind national boundaries and under the blanket of traditional culture, in a total renunciation of globalization.

-- John Davis


Monday, August 28, 2017

the problem with grow

“Environmentalists say proposed cannabis grow rules fail to protect wildlife.....The Center for Biological Diversity, a national conservation nonprofit, and three allies filed a 36-page comment alleging numerous shortcomings in the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s draft report on the proposed standards for growing legal marijuana.”
-- Press Democrat, August 9, 2017, article.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

your anti-Nazi loyalty oath

Your anti-Nazi loyalty oath should include a clearly-worded statement acknowledging that Donald Trump is Hitler, or at least the leader of the tens of hundreds of imbecilic, neo-Nazi losers who, according to most of the mainstream media, are on the verge of overthrowing the entire American ruling establishment. It should also include a threat to unfollow, de-friend, and otherwise socially ostracize anyone who hasn’t posted such an oath, or who, despite the Charlottesville Kristallnacht, stubbornly continues thinking critically, or maintains any form of historical awareness, or presents any kind of rational arguments challenging the prevailing Nazi hysteria.

-- c.j. hopkins


Monday, August 21, 2017


As millions of people gather in the zone of totality to look to the sky on Monday, what will they see? Will they see only themselves, thanks to the little hand held pseudo-intelligences they are now equipped with? As the gigantic shadow rushes over, will they mostly be trying to adjust their tiny tools to present themselves in the best possible light? When all that’s left of their lives is a flickering pulse in cyberspace, a collection of light waves on a screen, what will be the meaning of that moment?

-- Christy Rodgers


Sunday, August 20, 2017

asleep at the wheel

So Charlottsville will distract the educated white populace for a week or so, and Trump will be made fun of and denounced. One wonders who watched his TV show, though. I mean it can’t have been just those guys in Hitler haircuts, right? Now Trump is a vile and dangerous man. Clearly close to illiterate, weak, resentful and insecure. But Trump is only a signifier for a wider problem. And that problem is that the United States has never altered its basic course. It began as a settler colony, one with genocidal tendencies and a thirst for violence. And so it is today. Eight hundred military bases across the planet. And allies like Saudi Arabia, where women are beheaded for being witches. Where confessions are the result of torture. Torture that isn’t even denied. The UN appointed Saudi Arabia as head of their human rights council. You see the problem…its much bigger than Charlottsville. If a society has stopped reading, and cannot sleep, and is the most obese in history, and where fertility rates are in steep decline; well, one suspects this is the dawn of the Empire’s collapse.

-- John Steppling


Monday, August 14, 2017

indian country

In each of this Country’s imperial wars, beginning with the Mexican American war of 1846 - 1848, U.S. troops used techniques, specific language related to operations, equipment and codes that were developed in the extermination of this country’s indigenous peoples. Now military equipment rings with the names of Indian tribes, weaponry and band leaders (Apache, Tomahawk and Black Hawk). Enemy territory is still known in the military as Indian country and its heritage of genocidal actions have been reincarnated in the modern era across the globe - in Africa, Central and South America, the Middle East, Asia and beyond. The American Holocaust remains a living tradition.

-- John Davis


As I’m sure you’ll recall, the Putin-Nazis originally materialized out of thin air around the time that Clinton was managing to lose the US presidential election to a repulsive, jabbering, narcissistic clown with absolutely no political experience, who the mainstream media had been assuring the world for months was the Second Coming of Hitler. Given that it was virtually impossible for Clinton to lose to such a noxious buffoon, the only rational explanation was that the Russians had somehow “hacked” the election, or “interfered with,” or “influenced” the election. They had done this by getting their hands on a batch of internal Democratic Party emails, passing them on to Putin-Nazi Propaganda Minister Julian Assange, who published them on the Internet, where they were read by former Obama-voters, who were so completely shocked by their contents that they decided not to vote for Clinton, as they had obviously been intending to do, until their minds got “interfered with.”

-- c.j. hopkins


Thursday, August 10, 2017

ok, be alarmed

Embattled climate scientists working in 13 various US government agencies threw down the gauntlet before the Trump administration by releasing an over 600-page report on climate change in the US, the work of several years intended to comply with a Congressional requirement for such a report every four years.
The scientists involved in releasing the leaked document — the fifth draft of the 2018 report — told the Times they were releasing the document early in draft form for fear that the Trump Administration and Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency Administrator, climate change denier Scott Pruitt, would attempt to deep-six, or at least drastically revise their work and conclusions.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

don't be alarmed

Don’t believe me? Still of the what-me-worry persuasion? How about alternative fuels? If we are gobbling down energy of any kind we will burn hydrocarbons. If nobody is using them they will be cheap. Laws won’t stop deep-state people from finding a way to make a buck. And poverty makes laws disappear. In industrial civilization we always want more– vacations, houses, cars, entertainment. And industrial civilization needs to sell us more. Chug all the alternative fuels you want, we will still want more. We will fight for more and so need armies, navies and cyber-warriors. Militaries will use hydrocarbons and fuck you if you don’t like it. If it’s there we will use it. Industrial civilization always needs more. Only the end of industrial civilization will end hydrocarbon burning and that ain’t happening, buster. No, babe, the rock has begun to roll. It would take an absolute all-out mobilization of the entire species in a unified well-organized crash-course of action to eliminate industrial civilization without blowing up the world to give the planet even the ghost of a chance of a snowball in a steaming pile of shit. So that all-out effort will almost certainly fail. I hope that’s not too alarmist.

-- Michael Doliner


Sam Shepard

One must exile oneself from one’s home. The exile is the quintessential 20th century figure. And likely, even more, in the 21st. Sam Shepard wrote from a kind of exile, anyway. An exile from home and from self. But home is indelible. Home and space and memory. Sam’s America, which is really the same one I remember from my youth, is gone now. And that quality of lostness permeated Shepard’s work.

-- John Steppling


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

goodbye to the whitebark pine

"...whitebark pine is nearly gone from our northern landscapes, in most places reduced to lingering ghosts in the form of gaunt skeletal snags or scattered seedlings doomed to die. Several factors have contributed to this demise, but all can be traced back to people, whether the choice of a few to introduce white pines from Europe contaminated with a fungal disease that would eventually wreak havoc with all our five-needled pines, of which whitebark pine is one, to choices by multitudes to live carbon-intensive lives manifesting in an over-heated greenhouse world. In fact, whitebark pine is a poster child for the unintended consequences of human driven global change."

-- David Mattson


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Revolution No. 14

For decades the working people have been paying millions more than was needed into Social Security and for years the excess money has been borrowed by the government. Presently there is almost $3 trillion owed by the government to the Social Security Trust Fund. The Republican Party now controls the government and has a budget plan that will give less than was promised to millions of people who have paid excess into Social Security for years.1 This proposed budget is, in fact, a default on the debt owed to the Social Security Trust Fund and the people of the United States. The proposed Republican budget cut to Social Security is a violation of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution. The 14th amendment reads as follows: “the validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, includes debts incurred for payments of pensions….. shall not be questioned.”

-- Nayvin Gordon


Saturday, July 22, 2017

six degrees of doom

.....the debate this article has kicked up is less about specific facts than the article’s overarching conceit. Is it helpful, or journalistically ethical, to explore the worst-case scenarios of climate change, however unlikely they are? How much should a writer contextualize scary possibilities with information about how probable those outcomes are, however speculative those probabilities may be? What are the risks of terrifying or depressing readers so much they disengage from the issue, and what should a journalist make of those risks?
....the public does not appreciate the scale of climate risk; that this is in part because we have not spent enough time contemplating the scarier half of the distribution curve of possibilities, especially its brutal long tail, or the risks beyond sea-level rise
The science says climate change threatens nearly every aspect of human life on this planet, and that inaction will hasten the problems. In that context, I don’t think it’s a slur to call an article, or its writer, alarmist. I’ll accept that characterization. We should be alarmed.
-- David Wallace-Wells


Friday, July 21, 2017

Autumn, 2023:

(Congressional hearings continue on the Trump family’s “collusion” with Russia.)
Sen. John McCain: The committee will now come to order. Yesterday we heard from Marla Maples. Today’s first witness is Barron Trump, son of President Trump. Thank you, Barron, for coming in today. You are free to speak your mind but I remind you that you are under oath. Because these hearings involve matters of national insecurity… if you perjure yourself, you’ll go to Jessup.
Barron Trump: You know, senator, whenever people talk about you, they always say the same thing: it’s a shame the Vietnamese pulled you out of that lake. And then you sang like a canary — weak!
Sen. Lindsey Graham: There is no reason to make this hostile! All of us in Washington have done our level best to make the Trump family welcome.
Barron Trump: And you, whenever you come on the TV at home, dad just says, “Oh, there’s that faggot ferret from the land of cotton — who does he want to bomb today?”
-- Randy Shields