I've got a Feeling


Wednesday, March 8, 2017


It speaks volumes the mainstream and metastasized press bends over to this slob Trump or the slick lying Obama or the Carousing Clinton or minor league W or the cold as stone Bush Sr., or Ray-gun . . . . This country’s nationalism and pro-military and pro-Anything in/by/from/for the USA mental illness, it is the reason we spend trillions on defense (sic — offense), from arms to aircraft, from surveillance to digital data mining, giveaways to Israel and Saudi Arabia, every dime is in multiple conduits to the controllers, to the elites, the money changers, oh those chosen few, all that, in this country, where the Democrats applaud the lies of Trump, where they are afraid, truly the party of war-making and fearful knee-jerking. These suits and slacks people are some of the most bizarre species on earth. Clap-clap-clap like trained Sea World lobotomized aquatic mammals.

We bomb, spray, drone, pollute, electrocute, incinerate, nuke, and contaminate the world for the shekel, for the greenback, as our veins and heart move oil from one vital organ to the next. The offal of the world is our propaganda, the sell-outs made every nanosecond, the sucker born every mega second, and the lies and duplicity and braying nationalism and red-white-blue-apple-pie great waves of grain fairytales that get rewrapped in new high-tech shrouds of the lying class that as a country we have now become.

Death is life, truth is lies, Trump is a Man, Americans are Saviors.


   -- Paul Haeder


So Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell stood up yesterday, in their latest act of unbridled arrogance and complete disregard for the American people, and said they are going to replace Obamacare with a plan that will increase choice for health care “consumers” and at the same time increase affordability. (Trump has promised that he would provide  “insurance for everybody”.)
Of course they were lying.