I've got a Feeling


Friday, March 3, 2017


We here at GeezerNation pay absolutely no attention to statistics, or anything else for that matter except Donald Trump.......never-the-less, it has come to our attention that a recent downward trend in blog viewing activities has developed.

Our blog friends in France remain our faithful and stalwart viewers, but dare I say it, our viewership in the good ol' USA remains pathetic and has been pathetic for quite some time.

Todd Snider no doubt understands.....

in case you missed it

After struggling mightily with whether or not to tune in, I was able to overcome my fears and convince myself to sit down in the privacy of my den and watch President Trump present his first address to the U.S. Congress.  What fears?  Well, maybe not quite the same fears that motivated early Christians to outlaw dancing as the “work of the Devil,” but in that general ballpark.
-- David Macaray