I've got a Feeling


Tuesday, April 11, 2017


“In the Nation, there is law; in the Colony, there is only a concern with order. In the Nation, citizens call the police to protect them. In the Colony, subjects flee the police, who offer the opposite of protection. In the Nation, you have rights; in the Colony, you have commands. In the Nation, you are innocent until proven guilty; in the Colony, you are born guilty.”  

-- Chris Hayes



It has come to our attention here at GeezerNation that our settings for Comments were preventing some commenters from actually posting comments, which could be construed to be counter-productive and not indicative of our "open comment" policy. Needless to say, Bob our Admin/IT director has addressed the issues and hopefully resolved them, maybe.
    -- ed.

Fox the News

I’ve never worked at Fox. But I used to spend enough time there to gain insight into a dysfunctional organization.
This was during the years immediately following 9/11. George W. Bush and his wars were popular, especially with Fox viewers. And I went after Bush more aggressively than anyone else. So they were constantly begging me to come on as a liberal punching bag.
-- Ted Rall