Monday, November 14, 2016

moving on.....

Get over it folks. This is where we are at. Now its time to move on; one household, one street, one community.......
"Some of my students/kids have said they were disappointed when I'd posted I'd found a way to reconcile this. Here is why. Not because I 'believe' in it, and not because I think this is a 'good thing.' Its not. Its a fucking nightmare come true. But: this is who we are. This wasn't 'made.' This is what it is, what is HAS been. Only now we have the chance to see it with open - sober - eyes. See the horror death and destruction we've wrought on other cultures, the disrespect, hate and intolerance with which we face our neighbors (globally and locally). Hopefully: now is when we've 'bottomed-out' and realized WE - inside, ourselves - are not in any way 'exceptional,' but WE are the fucking problem. We can't deny, we can't whitewash..."   
    --Chairman Chad