Neil Young


Friday, November 4, 2016

Election Countdown- 11/4

So if you’re content with the ‘lesser evil’ vote Hillary/
It’ll fan the very flames of discontent/
That are fueling fascist sentiments/
And personally I can’t wait to see/
How much more threatening the next Trump will be/
Or fuck it, vote Trump if you’re really feeling courageous/
I’ve always wanted to try living in the dark ages/
Ja kids, it’s great to witness history in the making/
But watching it repeat is even more entertaining

    --the Juice Media

With the election nearing, massive amounts of citizens are finally beginning to understand the dangerous and growing divisions, the serious sickness in our society. The mainstream media makes it appear that the battle between those on the right and left will be fought mainly on issues of identity politics and the wider “culture wars”. This is nonsense, of course. The real fault line lies between those brave and imaginative enough to join hands and build new forms of peaceful, sustainable, non-coercive societies, and those flailing souls stuck believing in the obsolete, failed models of the past, victims of centuries’ worth of indoctrination. There are those who wish to remain slaves to capitalism, to bigotry and warfare, and those yearning to break free.