Neil Young


Saturday, May 28, 2016


MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has revealed that the major television networks plan to call the Democratic primary for Hillary Clinton during the day on June 7th — hours prior to the close of polls in California.

So let’s dispense with all these arcane DNC rules about what a “super-delegate” is and when and where and how they vote and say what we all know is true: Hillary has clinched the Democratic nomination, and all these upcoming primaries and caucuses should be canceled to save those states’ taxpayers their hard-earned tax dollars. Also, since the super-delegates vote on July 25th but also apparently on June 7th, it seems silly to have a convention in Philadelphia on the 25th of July when we can just declare July 25th to be June 7th and hold the Democratic National Convention in MSNBC’s studios in New York on that date. There’ll be less room for dancing, but equally good catering, I’m told.
    -- Seth Abramson