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Saturday, May 20, 2017

the Orangeman sez Buy!

Trump lights up the board on psychopathic job seeking and authoritarian traits, the consummate salesman taking life by the hoo ha and selling his way into legendary salesman status. These traits may be deleterious to the entire world, but it doesn’t matter, the goals have been set to accumulate money, power, status…you know, be a real success in the world. Trump will sell the world out to Goldman Sachs and other financial vultures who are interested in feeding on a dying planet, truly a once in a species-time firesale. Good thing we elected the greatest salesman on earth during such opportunistic times.
    -- Jason Holland


a crapload of CO2

new scientific paper has documented growing fluxes of greenhouse gases streaming into the air from the Alaskan tundra, a long-feared occurrence that could worsen climate change.
The study, based on aircraft measurements of carbon dioxide and methane and tower measurements from Barrow, Alaska, found that from 2012 through 2014, the state emitted the equivalent of 220 million tons of carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere from biological sources (the figure excludes fossil fuel burning and wildfires).
That's an amount comparable to all the emissions from the US commercial sector in a single year.