Neil Young


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

david ker thomson

Far from being a nexus of innovation and risk-taking, capitalism is atrophy and decay. It only ever appeared to work because of the power of oil, a liquid dense with life and death and the power that is unbound in fire. Any fool can make a spark and claim that the power of oil is his own entrepreneurial cleverness or “efficiency.” Fancy business schools at elite universities sit atop such gushers and it gives them a few generations of loft from which they can display themselves and their superiority more fully. The funny thing is that the era of capital is itself a stratum of a few inches charred and crushed and registered in a future geological archive. Its only real power can be prophesied as a quantity of a particular viscosity and compression, available in a distant worldtime as a renewed fire. As Bender the robot puts it, “we’re boned.”