Sunday, October 30, 2016

Rev. Billy

in light of the recent acquittal of the Bundy Boys, in America, if you are a white, christian (Morman) male, you get a pass for your armed occupation of federal property. If you are black, or muslim, or a member of the First Nation, you are a terrorist, and get jack-booted for your non-armed more or less peaceful demonstration against powerful corporate interests.......

"After the power of what we have seen among the Squamish canoeists and kayaktavists and now of the Standing Rock Souix and their many guests, now is a good moment for us to return to these teachers, without anxiety that we’re headed back to the sixties.  Many of the American Indian Movement heroes were murdered by the feds.  But this time if we stand by and don’t defend these first people—if all we do is watch, the way that white settlers stared from their front porches at the walking and dying on the Trail of Tears—then we won’t be able to save ourselves."