Neil Young


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

gonna need some ice-nine

Professor Peter Wadhams (University of Cambridge) has a new book due for release September 1st, 2016, A Farewell to Ice, A Report from the Arctic (Publ. Allen Lane). According to a Guardian article, Wadhams’ book offers a new slant on the climate change controversy: 
“Because Peter Wadhams says what other scientists will not, he has been slandered, attacked and vilified by denialists and politicians who have advised caution or no-action. He and other polar experts have moved from being field researchers to being climate change pioneers in the vanguard of the most rapid and drastic change that has taken place on the planet in many thousands of years. This is not just an interesting change happening in a remote part of the world, he says, but a catastrophe for mankind.”