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Thursday, May 4, 2017

situation normal- death from above

Ed. Note:
GeezerNation regrets the many depressing posts here over the past 4 years that were in general critical of the United States and its world-wide bombing machine (WWBM). However we feel we have no choice and must give an accurate accounting (from the many reliable correspondents) of the truth of the matter. Being merely depressed is vastly preferable to experiencing the WWBM on a daily basis. If we in America experienced such a reality, perhaps in short order the "ruling class" would also have a new reality to experience.....

In recent weeks U.S. aerial bombardments in Syria alone have reportedly killed several hundred people, mainly civilians. Daily raids in Iraq, mostly targeting ISIS in Mosul, have accounted for more than 3000 civilian deaths, according to AirWars sources. To believe this is a departure from the past – or that civilian casualties are simply an inevitable by-product of combat – is to ignore the American history of savage warfare, which since World War II has meant bringing horrendous death and destruction from the skies.

-- Carl Boggs


drone New York

Upstate New York is leading the way for the Pentagon’s plan to expand its drone program from isolated areas into populous communities, which offer ready access to workers. One hundred and sixty miles to the west of Syracuse, just outside the city of Niagara Falls, an Air National Guard base — the largest employer in the county — is in the final stages of building a cutting-edge digital tech center with huge bandwidth. There, pilots and sensor operators will do shifts at computer consoles, guiding MQ-9 drones and firing missiles on kill missions. The center is on track to become fully operational in a matter of months.

    -- Norman Solomon