I've got a Feeling


Sunday, April 9, 2017

America the Beautiful- please bend over

I don’t understand. It’s yes or no. A yes or no question. It isn't some epistemological 
quandary. Either you packed your suitcase, or someone else did. And that is that. Oh but that is not that. Because in your mind you packed your suitcase yourself. In your mind, you didn't do anything wrong. You believe that, don't you? Yes. You do. And you believe that it is your right to believe that. You believe it's your right to believe anything you want. You believe it is your right to do anything you want. But in fact, Mr. Smith, it is not your right to believe and to do any thing you want. See, there are rules. And there are rules for a reason. Do you want to live in a world without rules?


In a state of total anarchy?


No. I didn't think so. So how about you get with the fucking program. This country is in a state of war. War. To defend your way of life. So you can go home to your little townhouse on Garfield fucking Place or wherever. So that you can hop on a fucking airplane and go shopping with your fucking wife in Paris. So your daughter can get high with her Black Bloc friends. Who do you think you are dealing with? Do we look like airport rent-a-cops to you? We are the fucking United States of fucking America you fucking idiots! Do you like your lives? Your comfortable lives? Well, guess what, folks. We make them possible. We keep the goddamn economy from collapsing. We keep you safe from the criminals and terrorists. Do you know how we do it? We do it with guns. And bombs. And missiles. And knives. And sticks. We fucking kill people. We kill them for you. Is it convenient for you to believe otherwise? Well, guess what? Fuck what's convenient for you. Fifty goddamn years you were to free to believe any fucking thing you wanted. We didn't care. It didn't bother us. We didn't care if you believed in Martians. But you know what, folks? Now we care. It matters to us now, what you believe. The United States of America is at war. It is World War fucking Four, people. And World War Four is for all the marbles. It's one big world now, in case you missed that. One big system. And we fucking run it. And guess what? We intend to continue running it. Now is that is alright with you, if we do that?