I've got a Feeling


Sunday, March 19, 2017

the door

....we must somehow recapture the mythic in our lives, because – as storytellers have been trying to warn us since the dawn of the Machine Age – without it, without stories and daily rituals that reconnect us to the regenerative living world, we are at risk of irreversible degradation: of becoming completely sealed off, emptied out and meaning-free beings. As all other social ways are blocked, and we head down the conveniently provided and thus far highly profitable chute towards a fully mechanized existence.

It is the end game of having for a thousand generations seen the living world as a battlefield: first it was humans, as prey turned alpha predator, against the other species; then tribe against tribe, and finally each against all. Thus the only door to safety from the forces we have unleashed is the door to the machine – a thing we invented ingenuously perhaps, with the intention of relieving ourselves of hard physical labor – but ultimately a nonliving thing that exists to neutralize and supplant the contingencies of the living world. 


from Cafe Domenico - Utica, NY

Having had our reality reduced to the material, physical and empirically verifiable, we have been left to grope our way around in a world completely unlike the world of our ancestors, which always had been animated and sustained by a larger, invisible world existing behind this one.
-- Kim Domenico