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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Secretary of Stupification

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has little interest in public education as a stabilizing force that enriches society and contributes to civic knowledge and the development of critical thinking.
DeVos and other neoliberals in the Democratic and Republican parties would have Americans believe that eradication of welfare benefits, including public schools, school lunches, food stamps, public housing, and other programs, is driven by an effort to empower “the people.” But the welfare state’s destruction would merely result in the reintroduction of a neo-feudalistic system in America, in which the poor are forced to indenture themselves to a corporate aristocratic class (even more so than now) to survive. The return of a Dickensian system of social and economic relations may be a high priority for DeVos and her ilk, but Americans should recoil in horror at just how radical this “reform” agenda is.
-- Anthony DiMaggio

Comments section

“have you ever fucked a nigger?”
-- Donald Trump, according to the father of a friend of actor Don Cheadle 
 I don’t avail myself of Twitter, or Facebook, but on two occasions I’ve written pieces for websites that elicited a tremendous amount of hate mail.  Oddly enough, one of them was a piece bemoaning—of all things–the way that Christina Aguilera sings; the other was about Caitlin Jenner’s political beliefs. These two ventures into the sizzling cauldron of red-hot internet hatred were enough to keep me off social media for the rest of my life.  But—I suppose like most people–I have an abiding fascination with the depths of loathing in the Comments sections underneath controversial posts.  And in the case of Don Cheadle’s Trump story these comments reached a pitch of such frenzy that it’s hard to imagine how it could get any uglier…although we know it will; we take it on faith.
-- John Eskow