Monday, February 6, 2017

Rx Bandits

Social Workers, hmm, Unite!

The goal is improving client care, because in the end, that’s what we are too, people going into the profession because we ourselves have faced trauma, PTSD, drug use, homelessness, mental health challenges, and the like. The idea is we are all peers, and the work we do is to triage the broken system and fabric of American democracy (sic), one where conspicuous consumption and consumerism is on display 24/7, and where that shitty hierarchy and class warfare have created a massive battlefield of mental health carnage. People now, under the thumb of this out-and-out fascist billionaire boy-bully, are railing, are in a system of righteous indignation, are willing to launch something new in a world where they – us all – have been told to “keep your head down and shut up and be grateful you have an effing job . . . because you might turn out on the streets like your clients, buddy boy, buddy girl.”

-- Paul Haeder